Hello, my name is

Nathaniel Abrea

User Experience (UX) Designer

: Collaboratively create design systems.
: Socialize design best practices.
: Resolve customer pain points with simple solutions.

Highlighted projects

An abstract representation of repeatable variations of components
Lead Web Designer
Design Systems

Consistently Design System

Rebuilding an impactful design system that serves 600+ employees who showcase their content on the Fastly website.

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Design systems require detailed, thoughtful construction in order to provide a meaningful user experience.
Lead Web Designer
Design Systems

Deep Dive: Color Design Tokens

An accessibility-first approach to establishing color usage guidelines for Fastly's new website with a new visual identity.

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An abstract mobile screen with an ingredients list
Lead Product Designer
Native Mobile App

Chups: Culinary Outsourcing

Designing a mobile app experience that democratizes the culinary industry by connecting local chefs with host restaurants.

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Sign up forms require proper feedback communication to inform users how to successfully create a secure account.
Lead Web Designer
Form UX

Sign Up Form Redesign

An accessibility-forward update to create a frictionless sign up experience for first-time Fastly app users.

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Design thinking portrayed as a double diamond process of divergent ideation that converges into solutions repeatedly.
Product Designer
Personal Development

Product Design Thinking

Applying the full design thinking model through a mobile budgeting app product called Allot.

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